Reduce The Risk of Back Pain with the Grabo

Unfortunately, heavy lifting is an unavoidable task when working in construction. Whether you’re on a building site or as a tradesman, we can place our bets that you’ll have to lift something heavy. Back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, using the Grabo can help reduce that number.

Back injuries in construction are the most common form of pain within that industry. It’s the leading cause of loss of workdays and disability. Repetitive tasks, uneven loads, small spaces, and wrong lifting techniques all have their parts to play in the recurring injury, but unfortunately, they are almost inevitable in this line of work. 

How can back pain in construction be prevented?

There are many ways to reduce the risk of back pain within construction. For example, you could introduce set timeframes for lifting objects to ensure that repetitive lifting doesn’t occur, or you can ensure that the heavy items are always placed as close to their final destination as possible. Your company could provide proper lifting training to ensure that everyone on-site uses the correct and accurate technique. In reality, though, we know that this is difficult to manage, and the site layout and tasks can change at the drop of a hat. 

The Benefits of using the Grabo:

This tool can lift up to 170kg of porous and non-porous materials, making it the ideal tool to have on-site. Unlike other suction tools, the battery-operated Grabo, due to being electric, can continue to maintain maximum suction even on semi-porous materials, and the clear vacuum indicator lets you know exactly the level of suction achieved, giving you the confidence to lift a much wider range of materials.

There are many benefits to using a suction tool like the Grabo, including increasing productivity and work pace and reducing the risk of damage to the materials. Used correctly, the Grabo can help reduce the strain on your back by improving posture when lifting. You can place the Grabos where it is most convenient and carry materials with your hands close to your waist (where you have the greatest lifting capacity) rather than only by the material’s edges. 

The HSE’s Manual Handling Assessment Chart states that you shouldn’t lift more than 51lbs, which is just over 23kg, meaning that you’d have to make multiple trips not to cause yourself injury and lift safely. Suitable for many different materials, the Grabo is the must-have tool for safe construction work.

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