Glazing and Doors

Using The Grabo makes removing and installing medium to large windows and doors, including hardwood products, easier than ever.

Simply secure the tool directly to the window or door and place it by hand or use it alongside ropes and/or a crane to maintain maximum control. It’s never been easier or safer to remove and install doors and windows. Grabo has quickly become an extremely popular tool for glass builders. The Grabo is now used on construction sites worldwide for lifting and placing of patterned glass, wet or dusty glass panels and more. 

One customer reports:

“We laminate textured fused glass and have always needed a suction cup to grab the undulated surfaces. This product is the answer for these situations. Now we can grab rough surfaces with ease. This is a great tool to have around the shop.”

If you want to share how useful your GRABO is with other tradespeople or manufacturing plants, please send your photos and videos to and find out how we reward you.

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