GRABO PRO Troubleshoot

If you are having any issues with your Digital display screen then please perform the following task to reset your Digital display screen .

GRABO Pro learning mode / recalibration mode :

  1. Place the GRABO Pro on a non-porous surface such as polished tile and turn the on-off slide switch on.
  2. Press the " Measurement unit selector " button for 10 seconds until the red light becomes a  green light . When the light turns green , release the " Measurement unit selector " button.
  3. Wait about 5 seconds and the vacuum pump will start working . Let the tool create full suction. If suction does not begin on its own, you may need to give the tool a pressdownward to create a seal. Full suction is achieved when the digital display numbers have reached their highest point and don't continue to increase.
  4. When full suction is reached, press the " Measurement unit selector " button again for 3 seconds until the green light flashes and the pump turns itself off.
  5. Power the machine off and on again with the slide switch.
*The machine is now calibrated and the values in the digital display window should be correct.
Important : The GRABO Pro will display incorrect values on the digital display screen if the machine is not calibrated on a non-porous surface such as tile or glass. If this occurs, the calibration process must be repeated on a non-porous material. DO NOT perform this process on glass thinner than 6mm. Damage can occur to glass thinner than 6mm.
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